“Sometimes the only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy.”

Today is apparently the most depressing day. Blue Monday. I get that. I totally get that. I woke up this morning feeling like there were tears behind my eyes. I went into work and discovered there actually were tears behind my eyes.


Then there were no tears. They went. And I asked for help. Because sometimes that’s just what you need to do rather than keep it all inside.

You’ll go a little crazy otherwise.

I used to do a lot of writing. I used to write for Harry Potter RP on Tumblr and Twittah. I was pretty good at it as well. I don’t miss it, but I do miss writing. Hence the blog. But instead of hiding behind a character whilst writing for them, I’m just me. Still hiding but not hiding behind another characters emotions.

I’ve got braver over the years.

I’ve also been in a lot of therapy. It seems to have worked which is what’s been so helpful in making me braver.

The Fabulous Emancipation of Harlee “frickin'” Quinn’s writer!

It’s been a bit like that for me, the writer of Harlee Quinn.

Yes we know. I’m not exactly Harley herself. That’s why I’m Harlee. Just the odd difference can make every difference to be honest with you.

Just like Harley herself, my Mista J is gone and dusted. Bad news is bad news. Bad choices are mistakes to be learnt from. And then you get the fabulous emancipation!

I reinvented myself.

I didn’t exactly cut my hair. I changed my diet. I became a far more fabulous version of myself than I have ever been before. I changed my outlook. I changed literally everything. I got rid of all the evidence that had anything to do with my past.

Including my old CD collection. Well there’s no point in keeping it all when everything these days is just a download away.

Onwards and upwards.

Relearning whom I am has been an eye-opening awesome experience. I’ve learned stuff about me that I never could have imagined.

And people like me, they really like me!